Scout 3 Complete Ready to Fly Quadcopter Kit


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Lead time before orders ship is 2 to 3 weeks.

Don’t have anything but want to get into flying a quadcopter, then this is the kit for you!  The Scout 3 Complete Ready to Fly kit comes with everything you need to fly.  Nothing is left out.  This comes programmed and partially assembled.  Minimal assembly is required.

This kit comes with the Airframe, Radio, Flight Controller, Motors, ESC’s, Propellers and an extra set of Propellers, Propeller balancer,  a 3000mAh LiPo battery and LiPo battery charger.

Scout’s Airframe

Scout’s carbon fiber quadcopter airframe provides a very strong yet lightweight airframe.  Carbon fiber’s strength to weight ratio is far superior to aluminum or fiberglass.  This gives Scout the ability to be both rugged and have the capability of long flight times. Frame is proudly 100% made in the USA.

The airframe features a modular design for future capabilities.  The motor mounts holes are slotted to accept an array of different motors.   Scout’s battery bay can accommodate a 11.1v 5800 mAh battery.  Each frame plate has pre-drilled holes for mounting a wireless camera, sonar sensor and other accessories.

Scout’s Brain

This quadcopter kit comes in two flight controller options.

The first flight controller is the ArduPilot Mega – Semi-autonomous.  This option gives Scout 3 the ability to auto-stablilize.  All electronics and wiring come soldered.  The brain comes pre-programmed and tuned for the Scout 3.

The second flight controller is the ArduPilot Mega – Full autonomous.  This option offers the same auto stabilizing capability as well, but offers the next level in autonomous flight.  This option adds GPS, and Sonar giving the Scout the following capabilities:

  • Capability to fly a preprogrammed flight path
  • Position Hold using GPS and Sonar
  • Auto Return to Launch location
  • Altitude Hold
  • Future capability to fly anything from a quadcopter to a octocopter
  • Camera stabilization

The flight path and all configuration is done through Mission Planner

Mission Planner


Note: kit is shipped unassembled. Everything comes already soldered. Balancing of the propellers is a must before flying.

E-mail support is provided for getting your Scout off the ground.

Scout 3 User Guide

Scout 3 Settings


  • Airframe supports: Plus and X flying modes
  • Dimension: 17.75″ x 17.75″ (diagonal) x 4.5″ / 3.25″ –  (451mm x 451mm (diagonal) x 114.3mm / 82.55mm)
  • Flying Weight (airframe, motors, ESC’s, propellers, ArduPilot Mega, IMU and cables – no battery): 700g
  • Total Payload Capacity (shared with battery weight): 600g
  • Average Flight Time: 
  • 14 minutes with one 11.1v 3000mAh battery
  • 17 minutes with one 11.1v 4200mAh battery

This kit includes:
(1) Flight Controller
(1) Carbon Fiber Airframe
(4) Motors
(4) ESC’s
(8) Propellers
(1) Power Distribution Cable
(1) Radio
(1) 3000mAh Battery
(1) LiPo Battery Charger
(1) Propeller Balancer
All necessary cables and connectors

Additional information

Weight 256 oz
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 12 in
Flight Controller



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